About us

We're a nimble team with the desire to help.

Social Connection was built by two former colleagues, Leah Williams and Derek Robinson.  

Leah and Derek both were drawn to the attractiveness of helping educate and help companies develop a foundational understanding to be successful in their social media efforts. 

Leah brings over 10 years of marketing experience to the Social Connection brand. Leah has worked in various aspects of marketing with experience in branding, strategy and experiential marketing. Over the past 5 years she has been focusing on social media marketing, strategy and development.

Derek brings over 31 years of marine industry knowledge and has a natural love for the marine industry and has a strong desire to help more people enter in to the world of understanding the people behind the craftsmanship. 

The desire to help build a solid knowledge and strategy foundation for small businesses were an interest that both Derek and Leah shared. This common interest gave birth to the idea of Social Connection. 

The mission of Social Connection is simple, help small companies, like you, build their understanding and social media strategy. Many small business owners neglect social media efforts, not because they don't think it's important, but because they may not have time or the know how. Social Connection is here to help. Social Connection realized this misconception and realized that small business DID want social media marketing, however they simple couldn't afford the high price tag, until now. 

Social Connection is your choice to build your social media knowledge and foundation.